Automate Your Quality and Exceed Company-Wide Standards

Keeping track of construction quality on a large complex building is a difficult task. Things get missed, lost, and forgotten. This causes the punch list phase to be long and painful.

The Latista Field QA/QC process helps you to identify and resolve issues before they pile up. Implement your construction quality control plans with QA/QC checklists to document and ensure compliance with standards, and to identify and correct deficiencies in a project.

Don’t wait until the owner does the final punch list inspection to find additional issues and deficiencies. With a QA/QC capability, you create a rolling punch list capability so you can identify and resolve issues earlier and create a zero defect punch list inspection.

Latista Field QA/QC module can:
  • Punch a room with the touch of a finger
  • Use our standard forms or upload your own
  • Configure workflows for inspections and issues
  • Set up and control the interaction between subcontractors, contractors and owners
  • Manage and control document access
  • Manage progress by area or equipment
  • Track inspection and issue status
  • Schedule notices when resolution is overdue
  • Mark up drawings to create issues
  • Capture and attach photos
  • Set up individual dashboards

The Latista App

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