Construction Safety Management: Safety is a Standard, not an Option

Construction is a dangerous business. People and reputations can be damaged without the proper construction safety management measures in place and a process to manage them.

A commitment to safety reduces risk and improves your competitive advantage. According to a recent SmartMarket Report, contractors are seeing positive business outcomes from safety programs, including decreases in project schedule and budget as well as increases in ROI.

The same report noted that, ‘Contractors experience strong productivity improvements due to their adoption of safety, including schedule, budget and project ROI benefits.’ An investment in a safety management program can have a strong pay off including decreases in project schedule and budget costs.

Effective construction safety management can also results in improved ROI and reputation, which is imperative when bidding on new projects and winning new business.

Latista Field can help implement a company-wide safety program by helping you:
  • Easily manage your project or company-wide safety program online
  • Digitally complete inspections on your mobile device
  • Mark up drawings to indicate issues
  • Seamlessly take photos and attach to issues
  • Control who can view and approve issues on a punch list
  • Configure different issue types and workflows
  • Manage associated documents in a central repository
  • Visually track progress on your personal dashboard

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