Teamwork and communication are key to construction project success. For a singular view of project data and documents, you need real-time collaboration that can only be delivered by a scalable secure cloud that is available 24×7 and synchronizes your mobile devices in the field.

Many solutions claim to have the best collaboration – what makes Latista Field different?

Everyone on the Same Platform
  • With Latista Field, everyone gets access so even subs can use the same system
  • You decide who needs access through user-based controls
  • You can even give user access to the owner and give them the data they require to know you’re on track
Speed and Performance
  • Latista Field was built for the cloud and mobile devices – not retrofitted
  • Don’t waste time emailing documents to project team members
  • Synch to the cloud to save time and accelerate work on the job site
  • Automatically text necessary stakeholders and comment on issues
  • Workflows are updated throughout the day to ensure that jobs are completed
  • Log into Latista Field from anywhere, anytime
  • Users in the office and field can annotate and mark up a master set of drawings and BIM models, ensuring one version of the truth
  • Dispatch reports when and where you want
  • Drive accountability with the project team by tracking issues and completion dates with technology

The Latista App

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